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more about North Riverside - In regards of time, I had in mind between 2:30 and 4PM. Essentially what I have at this time is a 3-way activity rotation for the campers, each being 30 minutes long. I do like the idea of paper rockets, perhaps we can break the campers off into their groups and each can make a rocket? Should that fit the hour and a half time slot? We have ages 5/6-12, so I like the idea of having activities su - automageek

Aug 8 is next week, so we need to decide if we can do this. No - can not get volunteers.

be mindful of Open House night on Mondays. Guests may come to see Diyode, and it would be great if members can be here at 8 to show poeple around. - Diyode-Quassel

can be good to be here before 9, to help with visitors. Idea to adjust message on website.

Meeting Notes

Maker Expo in September:
Kitchener, 6' table, Daryll is main contact.
They are still up in air, due to LRT construction.

Ashley - Tool purchase idea:
8" Jointer - larger than
General - cast - big motor, excellent condition.
Ashley has two sets of blades.
Came from Sheriden college.

Eric would like to build a 'swingset'
7' wide.
Would need it for about a week or so,
lots of grinding \ welding work.
Would take up 1/2 of garage door.
Given go-ahead - 2 week max duration.

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