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lights from cars and the building are bothering the neighbour at night. Side door light stays on, cars parked in the back have lights on at 2 or 3 in the morning - Eva Bodahelyi

WE are in discussion

Grey cart garbage -Garbage bags need to be clear only. - Eva Bodahelyi

Its been discussed

set up of machine shop - Eva Bodahelyi

status still need work We need fire cabinet drywall is going up - needs to be finished colin will see about a cabinet that was left in his old unit Argon is out. Discussion about having those using the gas get it for the shop Solenoids may be leaking, so they nee to be fixed. Gear box is shot. low speed is not working 20 man hours need to be put in to look let alone fix it. It has been abused. it's an old machine. It needs to be gently used at this point. This my Suggestion to put a fob or key on it and only have authorized people use it. Brennan will rebuild it. He has now got a budget for it. Chris will bring degreaser

donation from Cliff - Eva Bodahelyi

mmm.... not Cliff... but Cliff has donated a lot of time so far

new treasurer - Eva Bodahelyi

Lori is our new treasurer

moving the meeting time - Eva Bodahelyi

meetings will be at 8, open house to start at 7

donation from John Craig - Eva Bodahelyi

We have a generous donation of $5,000 from John. We will see what is the best purchase for it. Thank you!

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