The Foxden: ContainerHouse’s first edition is ready for the journey.

19 September, 16:39, by Christoph Kesting


“The Foxden demonstrates a lifestyle which is both about simplicity and a sort of natural ergonomics.”


  1. Natural Ergonomics.  Container House Ontario (CHO) presents the Foxden; an imaginative abode which nimbly eases-into remote landscapes without supplanting local vegetation. It is has the ability to be half-buried & to be completely off-the-grid. A perfect solution and a sort of pioneer for your parcel of land. Crowned with a green curved roof and a rooftop patio, this ContainerHouse combines ecology and economy with a choice-driven lifestyle.
  2. Incredible and elegant residence.  “Kesting’s house is purportedly as green-built as any such models and just about ready for year-round, off-the-grid living… It’s an incredible and elegant residence, and it offers the same qualities as an alternative housing argument as well.”  (Guelph Mercury newspaper article, September 2013).
  3. For someone who has that itch.  This ContainerHouse model has provided solutions to all the key challenges which someone building in a container will encounter.  Choices to the end user to tailor the home specifically for their landscape and lifestyle.  It allows someone who’s been itching to build a shipping container home to accomplish their dream within even a few weeks of delivery to their location.  ContainerHomes are immensely satisfying homes to live-in because of their versatility, durability and economy. And this ContainerHouseOntario unit, is arguably the most ecological one yet & it is certainly a one-of-a kind treasure.
  4. Built with best-practices.  Designed by Christoph Kesting & American Design Award Winner- architect Murray Arnott. Built by industry professional Paul Horrigan and his team, the Foxden takes from best practices of container homes around the world.
  5. Available and negotiable.  The Foxden unit is available for $48K with local delivery & reassembly. Designed with portability in mind this container creation can be picked up by standard tilt-and-load trailers.  Delivery time ranges from three to five days.  In addition, we are quite happy negotiate the completion of the ContainerHouse in your chosen location with the options that suit your lifestyle best. Said differently; we can bury it, clad it with antique barn-board and trick it out with plumbing within a few weeks.  Unique partnerships with individuals & organizations are welcome.
  6. The right fit.  The CHO (ContainerHouseOntario) is scheduled to move come the end of this month.  We are open to offers & will be considering options until the end of this month. We trust the right fit will emerge. Interested parties are best to call (800) 882-1690.  For more information, here is a 60 second video of the building process,
  7. More information resides here at Sincerely, C.Kesting

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Manhattans Pizza Bistro & Music Club donates Pizza. We made straw happen. Thanks Thomas and friends!

13 September, 01:18, by Christoph Kesting fB

04 July, 11:48, by Christoph Kesting


Here’s a wolf-proof straw house, thanks to a recent BoXshop

04 July, 11:22, by Christoph Kesting

postBoxShop fB

attainable work packages for saturday

25 June, 19:31, by Christoph Kesting
  1. clean mud off of interior walls
  2. wrap container with straw mesh
  3. reposition birch tree
  4. place in composting toilet
  5. connect the solar panel with batteries
  6. cover roof(s) with greenhouse plastic
  7. cover walls surrounding french doors
  8. install handsets into patio and french doors
  9. eat food and memorize 3 new peoples’ names.

Next BoxShop is planned for Saturday. Let’s play (eco)house.

21 June, 15:39, by Christoph Kesting

photo 1

Come tackle one of the 15 simple tasks. Free lunch & fiery new friends

21 June, 15:30, by Christoph Kesting

photo 2g

“of the tradition of taoism & zen architecture, you go to this hill here, you bow to it and say, “good morning”.

17 June, 09:00, by Christoph Kesting

And say, “I want to live here. What kind of house would you like to have on you?”

“…And The hill says I would like a house that would disrupt me as little as possible, because I have a game going on here.  I have a huge complexity of plants & insects and small animals that have managed to keep this hill here.  To retain the hill & prevent it from falling down.  So the hill suggests to the sensitive artist or architect to build a house that does not interfere with the ecology of the hill.  And so he thinks, how will I do this”.   Alan Watts


beams go here next week

18 May, 00:37, by Christoph Kesting


first rocket in container we’ve come across

18 May, 00:30, by Christoph Kesting

first rocket in container