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Starting Point

02 November, 15:24, by Simon Clark

A few weeks back, I was stuck.  I didn’t know what do to next.  It got simpler… 
when a brother spoke assertively over the phone, “you are going to sleep in it tonight. You need to design it from the inside. Do it. Seriously.”  He told me to sleep in the rough steel container.   Later that afternoon we had light, an espresso maker, a boombox with Bach playing & a camping mat. From that night, in the parking lot, with ducks conversing on the river bank, the sound of light rain on a steel roof made for a wild & industrial soundscape.

Soundscape of my First Night in Container
Sounds of the Gravel Parking Lot

She hit it; play on the boombox & so began, a Beegees-Disco dance party:

Our first Disco Party in the container