About the Workshop

The Diyode community workshop is a well stocked wood working, metal working and electronics wonderland. The tools we have available are:


  • table saw
  • planer
  • jointer
  • mitre saw
  • wood lathe
  • drill presses
  • sander
  • jigsaw
  • router table
  • 60W CNC laser cutter with   565 X 865 mm cutting area
  • various hand tools and power tools
  • band saw
  • compressor and air tools
  • CNC router table

Metal working

  • chop saw
  • drill press
  • Bridgeport mill
  • band saw
  • grinder, buffer, wet stone
  • mig welder
  • metal lathe
  • Taig CNC desktop mill
  • sand blaster with cabinet
  • handheld plasma cutter


  • various soldering stations
  • hot air rework station
  • Scopes, logic analyzers and function generators


  • Prusa original 3D printer
  • 24″ wide vinyl cutter
  • 3D dissecting scope
  • Microscope

8 Responses to “About the Workshop”

  1. Loren Lind says:

    I can’t find a phone to call, but would like to see the shop. Got a gift certificate for Christmas. When is a good time to drop by? Monday night at 9 doesn’t suit too well. Loren Lind Phone 780 2708

  2. Marvin O'Gravel Balloon Face says:

    I recall finding some pages describing the file formats used by the laser cutter and the 3D printer… but can’t seem to find them now using the keyword search etc. Can someone point me to these links or provide the model numbers? Thanks!

  3. Simon Clark says:

    Everything you need should be linked to from here:

  4. David Locke says:

    I have available a whole lot of electronic equipment, I am not looking to sell, just give away. I will send some pics to your email and if interested please contact me. Thx Dave L.

  5. Steve M says:

    Do you have a festool domino by any chance? I’m looking to do a project with a lot of mortises.


  6. Darren and I will be stopping by The workshop and open house tonight. Can’t wait for the exciting to see the do it yourself wonderland!

  7. Anton Lebedynets says:

    Is there only a CNc mill for metal working?

  8. Ron marleau says:

    Need to sand four cabinet boards have my own palm sander…when can i do it….am a senior

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