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“design lacks simplicity to serve”

27 March, 18:49, by Christoph Kesting

we design regulation


“Regulation is what happens, when design lacks the simplicity to serve.  Creations which are self-evident trumpet (not trump)  our natural intelligence.” cKesting

“keep it square”

10 March, 20:47, by Christoph Kesting

i learnt...

“keep it square” (boxShop no.4)

10 March, 20:44, by Christoph Kesting


BoxShop This Saturday.

07 March, 13:54, by Christoph Kesting

Thanks to Rodolfo and crew, the BoxShoppers (this March 9th) will be well fed. Lunch is around 1:30.
All are welcome to join the fun.  The workshops on the box help participants develop hands-on skills in the area of green-home construction.  This is done within a communitarian spirit akin to a mennonite barn-raising.  Some folks will be hammering together a frame.  Two others will be drilling through the steel.  Another team may be prepping some wall mounts.  Its fun.  You’ll make new friends.  You’ll gain some valuable experience which will have you feeling confident with your future DIY home aspirations.

Starts at 11am.  Ends at 5pm.  Dress appropriately.  Cost of workshop for participants has been kindly covered again this week by a private donor.
Let’s box.
(519) 831-1012

“Boxshop” – the video

06 March, 13:34, by Christoph Kesting

To register for a BoXshop, please call (519) 831-1012

Wooly & Bocking

06 March, 10:01, by Christoph Kesting

Fellow Solutionaries.This restaurant & this realtor helped us get the good work done.  Click here to see other sponsors of the Container House project & of Diyode.

Laser Cutter Finds A New Home

05 March, 01:19, by Verdi Tags: ,

Notice: The laser cutter will be undergoing scheduled maintenance from March 4th to 11th. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Today, the laser made it’s move from it’s old location in the back of the wood shop area over to the new clean room space we’ve recently acquired. This is the first step in the process of maintenance and tuning the laser cutter will receive.

Also, as part of the maintenance process, we will be acquiring a few new lenses with different focal lengths for more precise cutting with smaller kerf. This will be a nice addition to our current somewhat battered lenses.

Yurt Update

04 March, 20:34, by Andrew Afelskie

In the first yurt blog post there were photos and video of some steam bending action. I am glad that attempt was captured on video as that was the only successful session, the previous four were quite disappointing. However we are now above-average skilled steam benders and the next time, if ever we get inspired again, will be quite amazing indeed.

The result is a four foot diameter circle called a crown or in Mongolian, a ‘tono’. Once the two semi-circle pieces set in place around the former, which took over a week, we glued and drilled holes for dowels to secure the joint.


Since this will form the top of the yurt where all the roof poles connect into, I drilled and chiseled 46 mortises around the tono, using modest hand tools.


Then we harvested some willow from a friend’s farm to weave a simple dome shape.


Voila, a yurt tono.