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DIYode Organization

Diyode is a not-for-profit group with a mandate to provide community, space and tools to the makers of Guelph. All members are responsible for many of the basic tasks in the space, such as keeping it clean and orderly, and keeping everything safe. We have a board of directors which are elected each year to take on the extra responsibility of keeping the organization healthy and strong. Directors can be found on the member’s directory (  Elections are held once per year, in November or December.  


There is no such thing as a safe tool, only a safe operator. Even the simplest of tools can cause harm and/or damage. At the end of the day you are responsible for your own safety and the safety of those around you. In order to help determine the amount of caution required for each tool DIYode has three classifications for tools:

  • Unlabelled tool: The tool does not require any training. You are still expected to be cautious with it.
  • Green labelled tool: The tool does not require training. However, the tool carries greater risk with its use. If you are unsure of how to use it please ask for help. Only operate this tool with confidence.
  • Red/Orange labelled tool: The tool DOES require specific training. Misuse of such a tool can result in serious harm and/or damage. Prior to using such a tool you MUST receive training from a DIYode member who is allowed to provide training. (Refer to training section)

We take safety very seriously, and experience has taught us that some members need encouragement to think safely. Not following the above outlines will result in a three stage repercussion process:

  • You will be given a warning
  • You will have a one month suspension
  • You will be barred from the club

It is important to follow the tool training procedure as misuse of a tool may harm you or a bystander. Training is still required even if you have had previous training on the tool or a similar tool elsewhere. There can be no exceptions to training requirements. However, if you are experienced in a craft and would like to share your knowledge please inform the directors so that an arrangement can be made. DIYode is always grateful to have members share their knowledge.

Apart from tool classification DIYode provides all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). Including safety glasses, eye wash station, and hearing protection. Safety glasses should be worn while in the shop and hearing protection should be worn when working with loud equipment. Some tools may have their own PPE requirements (i.e Welding), such requirements will be explained during training. (Refer to shop layout for location of items)


Shop Etiquette and Upkeep

The club is an area for all to use so you must act in a way that respects this. Harassment, bullying, discrimination of any sort will not be tolerated in the club. As a community group everyone is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the workspace. You are expected to clean up after yourself when you have finished working, this includes: putting away tools, unplugging equipment, vacuuming dust, and clearing all clutter.  A good general rule of thumb is to clean up ‘your mess + 10 %’.  This will make sure our shop stays tidy and clean.  Materials in the member storage, or stored elsewhere and labeled with a member’s name are off limits for use.  If you are unsure, ask..


We are located very near a residential neighbourhood. Before working on a noisy project, please consider those around us. In consideration of our neighbours, please observe the following rules:

  • All windows and doors must be kept shut from 7pm to 7 am on weekdays and from 7pm to 9am on weekends/holidays.
  • All loud machines/tools cannot be operated between 9pm and 7am (9am on weekends/holidays) Machines/tools designated too loud will be marked with a red sticker and a “restricted hours” label.
  • All outside power tool use/noise must stop from 7pm to 7am (9 am on weekends/holidays)
  • If you are doing anything extremely noisy, please consider doing it inside with the windows and doors shut, or doing it elsewhere, if possible.


As a community other members are more than happy to show you how to use a tool or to give advice. Depending on demand for training a group session may be organized or training may occur on an individual basis. Please email ( and check ( to ask for information on upcoming training events or to organize one on one training. Individuals who are certified to train the use of a specific tool can be found on (  As a new member you will be eager to learn how to use all the tools but please be patient in receiving training. Although members are delighted to show you how to use a tool they have commitments outside of DIYode that they must attend to.

Tool Damage

Stuff happens and tools get damaged, it’s a fact of life. If you have completed the necessary training for a tool and you still damage it through normal use, do not worry. Everyone has broken a tool at some point and it’s okay. The club will support you and cover the repair cost. However, if you damage a tool that requires training and you have not been trained on it, or you were using it in an unusual or unsafe way, you may be liable for the repair cost. There are some important things to note with tool damage. If you damage a tool there are four things you absolutely must do:

  • Immediately stop working with the tool. If it is damaged it is dangerous.
  • If you are trained to repair the tool than you may repair it.
  • If you are unable to repair the tool and you have to leave it make sure to lock it out or to place a warning message on it to prevent another member from using it.
  • Immediately alert a director that the tool is damaged (

Tool Maintenance

Tools are maintained by their appointed tool stewards. Please do not modify or repair tools if you are not certified to do so. If you think a tool needs maintenance contact the tool steward and inform them.  A list of our main tools and the associated tool steward can be found at .


DIYode provides many materials and components that you can purchase for your projects. You are welcome to use any of the consumables located through out the club. We try to label consumables for purchase, but you can also check the price list of consumable materials, and what  is available at ( When you have selected what items you’d like to purchase please place the amount in an envelope and place it in the deposit box in the filing cabinet.

There are also scrap materials available. These materials are located in their respective area (See layout). You are free to use any of these materials unless they are labelled with someone’s name or a message not to use them.



Diyode Online

Diyode Member Website –

Once you have been signed up as a new member, you can log in to the member area of the Diyode website.  Here, you can change your profile (email, phone, address, etc), upload a profile picture for the directory, and, most importantly, take tool safety training courses for many of the tools around the shop.


A popular way to communicate with group members is to chat through Diyode’s Slack channel. To be added to the channel please email

Social Media

Please contribute to our social media efforts by ‘friending’ \ ‘following’ the workshop.  Social media helps us to showcase the great things that happen at diyode.




If you have a project you would like to share, please write a paragraph about it, and send it to, along with a photo or two, and we will get it posted on our blog.

Telephone – (226) 706-4149.

The workshop now has a Telephone. It has 911 access in case of emergencies. It is kept on the post in the middle of the central table in the main downstairs room.

You may use this phone for incoming and outgoing calls. The number is (226)706-4149.

This is the main phone number which we publish. So make a great impression if you answer the phone and answer with “Diyode Community Workshop! How may I help you?”

If you hear the phone ringing, only answer it if you are a) expecting a call or b) are willing to deal with who ever is calling. The phone has voice mail so if you don’t answer it we will get a message

Member e-mail mailing list

Diyode has an email mailing list, but it is somewhat muddled at the moment.  We will inform members once it is fixed.


Organization of The Shop

A basic outline of the shop is available in the appendix. Please familiarize yourself with the location of the first kit, the eyewash station, and the PPE.



Members are welcome to use whatever material they wish so long as that material is not extremely dangerous or could potentially damage a tool. DIYode does not permit the use of pallets as they may contain harmful chemicals and metal fragments.


Storage space is very  limited for members – overnight or up to a few days is possible.  Projects must have a label with the day the item was left and the person’s name and contact information.


In Case of Injury

In case of an injury please take all necessary measures to ensure safety and well being.  The first aid kit is located in the washroom.  When appropriate please inform the directors of the club.

Borrowing Tools

Having tools leave the shop is strongly discouraged, but we recognize that sometimes there is great benefit.  If you need to take a tool out of the shop, you must clear it with a director first, and you must sign the tool out on the sheet by the front door, and sign it back in when you return it.  Please return tools as promptly as possible.


Monday Night Meetings

Each monday night we have a member meeting 8 pm, where we discuss the running of the shop and make collective decisions about Diyode and various projects\events that are coming up.  Minutes are taken and posted to the member website.  If there is anything you would like to discuss about the shop, Monday night is a great time to bring it up.  If you are not available on Monday, e-mail, and we will make sure it gets added to the agenda.

Guest Policy

You may bring guests into the shop, but you must be present whenever non-members are present, and be aware that you are responsible for their safety and wellbeing. Guests are not permitted to use tools marked with a red or orange sticker.

Minors in the Shop

We try to make the workshop accessible to members of all ages. We allow youths as young 15 to join as members, but their access to some tools will be restricted until they have proven their maturity and responsibility.  Members under the age of 18 are not permitted to host guests in the workshop.

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