Archive April, 2011

Impromptu Fixit

15 April, 10:17, by Alex Storey

Someone recently brought in a lamp that was in need of repair and Simon, James and Ken  took on the challenge. Here’s a few pix of the process.

Fix It 1

Assess the problem

Fix It 2

Remove the broken parts

Fix It 3

Test Fit

Fix It 4

Final Adjustments

Fix It 5


Musagetes and 1 Mile Squared

14 April, 22:25, by Simon Clark

Over the last week, Mary Mattingly, a New York based artist has been in Guelph for the Musagetes Sponsored 1Mile2 event. She and a number of volunteers have been inhabiting the Diyode workshop over the week, secretly toiling away on a ‘wearable architecture’ project.

We don’t know yet what their final piece will look like, but if it’s anything like Mary’s other works, it will be spectacular.

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