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Maker Faire Editor’s Choice Award

20 May, 20:08, by EvaB

…goes to DIYode,  for their amazing Codeshield Grande!!    Way to go Team!!!!  Woo Hoo!!



DIYode is Getting Attention

19 May, 13:15, by EvaB

At the Bay Area Maker Faire in California this weekend, our team is working hard on our behalf to promote the Codeshield.  There are some interesting developments afoot!

Here is our booth featuring the “Codeshield Grande”, the 10X scale version of the Codeshield, the DIYode developed electronics teaching tool :

makerfaire booth

We will let you know how it all turned out!

Go Team Go!

18 May, 13:10, by EvaB

Maker Faire

Teaching Intro to Arduino a Better Way

Here is the link to the Codeshield page for the Maker Faire Bay Area 2013 this weekend in California:



beams go here next week

18 May, 00:37, by Christoph Kesting


first rocket in container we’ve come across

18 May, 00:30, by Christoph Kesting

first rocket in container

Get Ready for the Pitch!

17 May, 17:45, by EvaB

Codeshield marketing at a large busy event like the Bay Area Maker Faire involves being seen so you can be heard.

One strategy we thought of that is visually engaging, as well as interactive, is a 10 times sized working model of the Codeshield.  It can be walked around so that random bypassers can see it and play with it.  If it’s on the table in the marketing booth, it is fascinating enough that people will stop to investigate.

It needed to be ready to leave for California on Wednesday morning.  We were working on it until hours before it left.

Here are some photos of the process:


This is the “PCB board”
before the components were added.


The “factory”.


There are two over-sized LEDs on the board.  One is  RGB, the other is white. They were cast into a rubber mold.


Simon made large replicas of the  anvil and post (the silver bits inside the LED) for the giant white LED, then cast the whole thing, to produce this:


Further along in the production, and later into the evening finds us here:



The backing is important to protect the components on the board, but it’s also great to place and protect  all of the wiring.

Is it wired correctly?



And it’s ready to go!


Bon Voyage!

I hope you get to see it! It’s very cool.

 Have a great weekend, team!!

DIYode is in California!

16 May, 16:40, by EvaB

DIYode wishes to thank our president for promoting our makerspace and the Codeshield at the Hardware Innovation Workshop and the Bay Area Maker Faire this week.   We hope you have lots of fun!