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Diyode is at the Detroit Maker Faire!

26 July, 13:09, by EvaB

These events are a true riot of ideas, people and innovative products that are just on the verge of breaking out into the world.  Diyode will be there with our own team of innovators to show how the Diyode Codeshield can transform the way electronics is taught, and how it opens the gate to learning programming for Arduino, the prototyping platform for DIY makers.

In the words of the Guelph Tribune reporter, Chris Seto  :

Guelph workshop aims to teach world how to talk to machines

Have a riot of a time!

Go Team, Go!

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We have launched a campaign on Indiegogo!

18 July, 14:21, by EvaB



The Diyode Codeshield – A better way to teach Arduino

Help fund the manufacture of the Codeshield, an Arduino add-on board designed to make teaching and learning electronics and programming easier & more effective.


Education has been a strong part of the mandate of DIYode since its inception.  The Codeshield was developed to be able to deliver an educational tool that was effective and fun for both teachers and students.  It is a collection of common electronic components that are found in many every day objects around the home.  With the Codeshield, students see how these components work, then learn to program them. Together with the Arduino, the microcontroller board that processes the programming code, the student can then visualize how electronic systems work, and begin to develop systems of their own.

DIYode has launched an Indiegogo campaign  to be able to manufacture and deliver this comprehensive teaching tool to teachers and classrooms, as well as DIY hobbyists.  This is the website that explains the details of the Codeshield, the campaign, and how you can help: .
Please spread the word!  Help us do this by tweeting, posting on Facebook, reddit, emailing… any way you can!  Maybe you might be interested in purchasing one of our perks?  Yes, please!  And thank you very much!

04 July, 11:48, by Christoph Kesting


Here’s a wolf-proof straw house, thanks to a recent BoXshop

04 July, 11:22, by Christoph Kesting

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