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the hottest foxden of 2013 (the workshop album cover)

29 April, 10:18, by Christoph Kesting


alisa ponders the cob recipe & saeed mixes the pondering

29 April, 10:16, by Christoph Kesting

mixing cob (rMass workshop)

news: arched partition installed

27 April, 00:18, by Christoph Kesting
arched partition

The FoxDen classroom is ready for the workshop. This will be our clubhouse where we will be learning together & reclining on straw bales.

2 fun videos about the workshop

10 April, 10:53, by Christoph Kesting

here’s a video link about the upcoming workshop  &  here’s a video on who SHOULD NOT attend the workshop
grab of youtube no smoke clip on youtube

pdf of workshop flyer

05 April, 13:47, by Christoph Kesting

click here for PDF of workshop flyer!

when & what?

02 April, 14:39, by Christoph Kesting

when & what?

who enrols?

02 April, 14:34, by Christoph Kesting

who enrolls?

price & contact info

02 April, 14:29, by Christoph Kesting

Price for the 2-day class is $170 ($150 early-bird Apr. 15th)

Includes a personal rocket stove & vegan lunches, snacks & a comprehensive rMass builder’s manual. Friendships extra.


Care for more information on the revolutionary benefits of the rMass system or the class? Probably you should stay far from visiting the following site:   Don’t’ dig the dirt post 2-day class? Enjoy our 100% money back guarantee.  To register call big C. (like this:) “Hey big C!” 1(519) 831-1012.  Remember our 100% money back guarantee. Remember Carl Sagan who wishes that your recall that you are star-dust. You are a dreamer. Come join with us as we attend to building with resilient technologies.  “I think a rocket fire is good because you can dry your socks on the fire and learn about matches and stuff” Noella in Everton, 4 (human) years old.


price & contact info