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attainable work packages for saturday

25 June, 19:31, by Christoph Kesting
  1. clean mud off of interior walls
  2. wrap container with straw mesh
  3. reposition birch tree
  4. place in composting toilet
  5. connect the solar panel with batteries
  6. cover roof(s) with greenhouse plastic
  7. cover walls surrounding french doors
  8. install handsets into patio and french doors
  9. eat food and memorize 3 new peoples’ names.

Next BoxShop is planned for Saturday. Let’s play (eco)house.

21 June, 15:39, by Christoph Kesting

photo 1

Come tackle one of the 15 simple tasks. Free lunch & fiery new friends

21 June, 15:30, by Christoph Kesting

photo 2g

“of the tradition of taoism & zen architecture, you go to this hill here, you bow to it and say, “good morning”.

17 June, 09:00, by Christoph Kesting

And say, “I want to live here. What kind of house would you like to have on you?”

“…And The hill says I would like a house that would disrupt me as little as possible, because I have a game going on here.  I have a huge complexity of plants & insects and small animals that have managed to keep this hill here.  To retain the hill & prevent it from falling down.  So the hill suggests to the sensitive artist or architect to build a house that does not interfere with the ecology of the hill.  And so he thinks, how will I do this”.   Alan Watts