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Tiny Check-In

28 December, 13:23, by EvaB

(This post reproduced from the original with kind permission form Matt and Kat, the Hobohemians


Hobos must wander. How can they not? Hobos must leave a place out of principle, out of habit, out of design, or even necessity. (It has been pointed out to me that the true plural form of ‘hobo’ is spelled h-o-b-o-e-s, but it is too late for that now, and I aim to carry this accident forward and own it like a bad haircut, or a mustard-stained shirt.) For most of the past year I had been writing, blogging, journalling, on a very regular basis, and around September, that stopped. The actual construction of the tiny house was imminent, and for about a month, everything else in our lives bowed to its priority. Some time in October, exhausted, broke, and no longer present to the magic of the tiny house project, we had to see that it would not be finished by November, a timeline we had given ourselves based on the cold weather arriving around then, and due to the fact that our little Cadet, though equipped with a catalytic heater (the Olympian Wave 6), was not insulated and would not be habitable in temperatures below about -5 Celcius (this was indicated in places like Santa Fe, New Mexico, sometime back in early January). What had started back in the early summer as a seemingly reasonable deadline had become by October a looming stress. It was decided to drop the self-appointed deadline, and this meant considering options of where to live in the meantime.


We have been wonderfully supported by the Meadowview community, or Two Sisters River, and fortunately we were able to make a new living arrangement through the support of our friends, one that would allow us to continue our work on the tiny house un-harrassed by deadlines, that would bring back our enthusiasm for the project, and that would keep us warm and indoors in the meantime. Thank you Mike and Mary-Kate!Work has continued on the tiny house, albeit at a slower, yet immensely more enjoyable rate. November came and went. We found a home for our tiny house, not far from where we built it at the Diyode Maker Space in Guelph, Ontario. Thank you to Diyode for all of your support in the realization of this project, and our future home. Thank you Simon and Eva and Mark and everybody at Diyode. And thank you Dave and Cathy. There is no telling the amount of support that can guide you when you live authentically to yourself and approach your visions with the excitement of creating them as your reality.


It’s almost Christmas now, and a little present in advance is seeing the 140-year-old barn boards go up on the exterior of the house, as we look forward to (finally!) working indoors, and eventually, moving in.

I think I will not wait another three months to write another post. In fact, there’s a lot of photos and stories and things backlogged; I will have to post them one by one, and there will be an effort made to see that happen soon.

Looking forward to all things tiny!


Our Newest Addition to the Metalworking Shop

03 December, 14:06, by EvaB

This Vertcut saw uses gravity to cut once your material has engaged with the blade.  The lever brings the blade to the material to be cut, then gravity takes over.  It’s plain simple!