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Short Work in Short Time

19 January, 21:51, by EvaB

Shawn signed up on Monday night of last week, and has already done a bunch of awesome projects.
This was an “up cycle” from old Ikea futon frames and a change table.

Shawn said “The project was made using wood collected from my children’s change table and two futon frames.



The frame is already on the bottom and all that’s left to do is a vinegar and steel wool stain and then maybe a sealer. “










The final table is 40″x 40″.


Last night, Shawn was shaping a multi layered sheet of wood made from maple, cherry and walnut.

We would love to see what that turns out to be, too!

Thanks, Shawn!

Neighbourhood Christmas Angel

17 January, 21:10, by EvaB

This Neighbourhood Christmas greeting was made by one of our new members, Elbert van Donkersgoed.  The angel was designed by Nellie van Donkersgoed.  The angel was crafted by Elbert in his own shop. The support holding the angel on the rock was welded at Diyode.

angelbyhouseangel on rock

The display will be up throughout January at 22 Glasgow Street North.