Matt’s Wood Bowl

Recently, Alex Ciccone did a series of wood lathe workshops.  Several lovely bowls and pens were turned.  This inspired Matt Harding to get started on his own project.

With a few types of wood he found at the shop, he sawed, planed, glued, clamped and glued again to make a solid multi-toned block  from which he turned this bowl.

Notice how the grain shows up particularly well in the light wood.

Looks great Matt!  I’m sure your new bowl is being enjoyed in its new home.

matt's bowl









Thank you to those that keep all the tools at DIYode working!  Thank you again to Alex Ciccone for the loan of the wood lathe, and thank you also to Alex Storey for the loan of the wood planer.

2 Responses to “Matt’s Wood Bowl”

  1. Alex Ciccone says:

    Looks great Matt!

  2. EvaB says:

    Matt says: it’s vented at the bottom 🙂

    Verdi says: It’s called personality 🙂

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