The Bird House

The BirdHouse

Four years ago, I built a little cedar cabin in a forest.  I have a solar panel on the roof, its near a river & is a short drive from the city. I was inspired to return to my rural roots but knew I needed to also be living and working in the city.  The building of this cabin, which I call the BirdHouse, is a dogged pursuit of how to connect a lighter ecological footprint as well as a lighter economic footprint.   Often, there is quiet voice which says, ‘look to nature’.  When visitors perch for a weekend at the BirdHouse, they appreciate the lack of stuff.  The smaller simpler living.  The collection of sounds which form a soundscape.  Coyotes at night in the distance, geese on the river, the fireplace crackling.  I am fascinated by the stories of people who are living happy and wealthy lives in homes which are light.  Living in homes that are sustainable, resilient & dynamic.  Homes that are built to follow the rhythms of nature, obtain a yield from the sun’s energy, rainwater & wastewater.  If there’s a question mark or lightbulb for you at this moment, come for a quick visit to the website: 


For a recent radio interview, we played soundscapes from the container.  Here is that interview:

Interview on local radio, CFRU (part 1)
Interview on local radio, CFRU (part 2)



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