And, We’re In!

Diyode now officially has a home! We took possession of our new space at 71 Wyndham St. S, Unit B a couple of weeks ago.  There has been and is still much to do before we can enthusiastically throw our doors open to the public.

First of all, a description of the space:  The front door opens on to a smallish room, about 300 sqft, that will be our classroom space. This is where most of our effort has been so far.  The room needed many layers of paint, a new floor, and new wiring. That’s done, and we are almost ready to start moving into this room. We’ll need shelves up, and a nice big logo needs painting on the wall, but we are close.

The other room, the workshop, needs a little more work.  This is about 1300 sqft, concrete floor, large industrial garage door, ceiling mounted gas heater, and a whole lot of empty space.  The walls need a good coat of paint, the place used to be a crossfit gym, and the remains of this are smeared and scribbled on all the walls. We’re tackling the front half first, cleaning and painting the walls, hopefully painting the floor, putting in the electricals to run the shop, and building workbenches and shelves galore.

Tool-wise, we have already a kick-ass table saw, a drill press, a router table, and a bunch of smaller tools. And we haven’t yet begun really trying to amass tools.

The landlord, through all this, has been super helpful, even giving us access to another part of the building that was to be demolished, so we could scrounge wood, plumbing and electrical supplies, of which we grabbed a couple of tons worth, and will save us a huge amount of money.

Also, special thanks should go to Sentex Communication, who have stepped up to provide us with a net connection, something we’d have trouble paying for right now, but that we’d have trouble existing without.

In short, we’re on our way. Watch this space for exciting new news, and come see our space soon.

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