Hackerspace Wishlist

John Baichtal of Make Magazine challenged us recently to put together a Hackerspace wish list.  We’ll continue to update this as things occur to us.

Stuff we have that we love…

  • Good stock of Arduino kits from Adafruit
  • Dissecting scope.
  • WW2 Era metal lathe
  • Mig Welder
  • Big tools (table saw, radial arm saw, lathe, drill press, jointer, mitre saw, etc)
  • Oscilloscope (older than I am, prone to catching fire)
  • cheapo Laser printer
  • scroll saw
  • Band Saw

Stuff we’d love to acquire or build…

  • Reprap or Cupcake CNC
  • 80W laser cutter
  • Shopbot, or similar CNC router
  • Decent soldering stations
  • Good laser printer
  • Thermofax machine
  • Good stock of simple electronics kits (TV-B-Gone, MiniPovs, etc) for classes
  • Hot air rework station
  • Non-flaming oscilloscope
  • sewing machine
  • thickness planer
  • Air compressor and air tools
  • Wood lathe chisels
  • Sanders (palm, belt, bench)
  • sheet metal brake
  • tap and die set
  • electronic components (caps, resistors, transistors, ICs, pots, etc, etc, etc)
  • PCB supplies (copper clad, etchant, etc)
  • Screen printing kit
  • workshop basics (clamps, rulers, T squares, etc)
  • assorted glue, nails, screws, staples, string, sandpaper, etc.

Our dreams come true:

  • 500W-1000W laser cutter
  • plasma cutter

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