Project: Harvest Table

By Mark Andrachuk
I had a plan to build a harvest table out of reclaimed wood for a few years and it finally jolted into action last spring when I was fortunate to be given some old barn beams from a relative (see them on my driveway in the photos). The first step was to get the beams milled into boards and I found a Mennonite guy who is willing to do that kind of work – most mills are worried about nails in reclaimed wood.

My father is a former high school shop teacher and he helped me design and build the table. Working awkwardly in my basement, we laminated (glued) the boards together to form the basis for the tabletop. That was as far as we could get without a proper shop to work in.

It was at this point that I heard about DIYode and it was perfect timing because they had just opened the woodshop. We spent a couple of days working in the DIYode shop and had access to all of the tools – and space! – we needed to get the job done. See photos for some of the work in progress and the finished product.

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