Project : Kid’s Skating frame

By Mark Zander

I’m trying to teach my 4 year old how to skate. A skating frame has been invaluable in allowing him to have some enjoyment between the falls.

Since I won’t pay $89.95 for one in the stores I decided to build my own.
YouTube has one great video which describes it all.

If you have the pipe bender the pipe will just cost you about $10. Then a few minutes later you have a very usable skate frame.

3 Responses to “Project : Kid’s Skating frame”

  1. Simon Clark says:

    Mark has since made three of these for Sunny Acres Park, and they are great, and much appreciated by the neighbourhood. Thanks Mark!

  2. T.F, says:

    We want to make some of these for our neighbourhood kids but the pipe benders are expensive. Does anyone have one we can borrow?

  3. Mark Zander says:

    The DIYode has a few that members may borrow.

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