Life Gears Academy Adult Programming Classes

These will be at  Diyode Community Workshop, at 71 Wyndham St. S,  conducted by Life Gears Academy in May and June this year.  If you are interested, the link to their site is here:

Adult Classes

We are now offering courses for adults to allow them to develop various skills mainly in the field of Computer Sciences. Please look below for our crash courses. Adult classes refer to anyone who is 18 or older.

Intro to Programming

Runs Saturdays 11am to 1pm at Diyode (71 Wyndham St S, Guelph) for May 5,12,26, and June 2,9,16. $120

This would be taught in either python or c (no previous knowledge needed), and would cover the topics below.

Unix and basic CLI, values and types, variables, user input, conditional statements, control structures (loops), functions/subroutines , recursion, and a basic intro to file systems.

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Runs Saturdays 1:30am to 3:30pm at Diyode (71 Wyndham St S, Guelph) for May 5,12,26, and June 2,9,16. $120

Databases would be using MySQL and this course would cover the following.

Basic CLI for MySQL only, what is an RDB?, why do we use MySQL and its cousins?, standardization and why it helps, how a database is structured, permissions and users, database commands, tables and values, table commands, select, update, delete, drop (DANGEROUS), sub queries , variables (brief), and how SQL can be used in a job.

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