Jimmy Kesting of Led SteelBox

I’ve just finished watching ‘It May Get Loud’.  A documentary where three guitarists meet and converse and play.  Jimmy Page is one of them.  The Edge the other.  I grew up learning what emotions were while listening to Zeppelin in my end room in our log house in the country.  My first girlfriend gave me a copy of Joshua Tree, the best album of U2 to date by then.  I grew up learning what love was while listening to U2 and recalling my first kiss.  Behind the barn, and I was on the second rung of the ladder.  She was firmly on the ground.  She being taller & I being thirsty for a kiss.

Page & Edge & Jack grew up on guitars.  They pursued sonically their art.  I grew up amidst felled logs & I pursued kisses.  And now?  Now what it is to be a man?  What is it to  live in the fury of life & be with life like we may now?   To create.  Its art, baby.  Time to loose the mitts & crank the bolts to 11.

PS.  The next BoXshop we”ll be cranking U2 & Zeppelin.   boxshop 3 was solutionary photo

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  1. Cheryl says:

    very cool website..I think I recognize someone in the last picture!

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