More Toys Erm. I Mean Tools!

A couple days ago, a whole list of new tools have arrived in the shop! This means an end to our big ticket spending. Thank you so much Ontario Trillium Foundation   for the money you have provided us with to spend on new tools and equipment around the shop. It has made a great addition in our shop and added to the collaborative team building spirit around our shop.

The list of tools which have just arrived in our shop is a little long and overwhelming but here is a brief summary to some of the tools which have just come in:

3 in 1 40 in. Sheet metal machine


  • Slip roll
  • Press Brake
  • Shear

Sharpening system 3000

Never again will you have a dull chisel with this nifty tool.

24 in. Dovetail jig

Makes a perfect dovetail joint every time!

Colt Palm Router


A full and complete list of all the tools we have ordered will be available soon. If you’d like to get up close and personal with our new tools, come by the shop on Mondays at 9. New people always welcome.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation is an agency of the Government of Ontario.

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