USA building largest prefab-container-house factory in all North America

Here’s the link:

I’m adding this link to the blog as I’m recently inspired by speaking with Robyn just outside of Orangeville, Ontario.  Prefab housing is an industry on the rise – no doubt there.  As we sat in our respective cars with windows down in her driveway, I passed a booklet which told the story so-far of the container house to her.  We spoke for 15 minutes about young people and the work-related opportunities they have.  In fact, we didn’t really know what to say about the work situation awaiting new graduates.   We did though have a sense that a classically ‘German’ model of apprenticeship in the trades was a blessing.  I told her about the workshops (the boXshops) which we host every 2nd Saturday of the month.  I hope she and her hubby and her children attend the next one.
Why?  Because we want good work for young Guelph graduates.  I’d love to hear that her son had a stellar experience working along side a professional instructor at the next BoxShop. I believe that projects which are infusing community workshops & innovative designs are a significant part of the puzzle in these days of less security & more opportunity.       PS.  We are in need of three things:  1.barnwood,   2.two yards of clay  &  3.a grant-writer willing to be paid retroactively.   If you have any contacts for us, please email   And a mirthful solstice to all!

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