DIYode Socials in October

Waverly Neighbourhood Fun Night

An area covering from about Woolwich Street to Victoria Road, and from about Woodlawn Road to Eramosa Road hosts the Waverly Neighbourhood Group. Community minded residents of this area are supporting educational, recreational and social programs for young and old, such as gardening, toy washing, and neighbourhood Fun Nights.

DIYode was pleased to be invited to the last Fun Night on October the 19th. Many DIYode built items were around for the enjoyment of not just the kids. There was an egg bot, a computer controlled egg decorator. There was  The Cyclospinnerator , from which pedalling madly on a bike produced colourful works of art. There was a harmonograph, that, with the aid of gently swinging pendulums, produced spiral images that differed every time it drew. There was an air vortex cannon that when aimed at innocent bystanders set t-shirts and loose papers flapping.

The most fun for everyone there was definitely the pinata. All the kids, and some adults too, tried to knock holes into a giant pumpkin hanging from the rafters of the stage. This was done with air pumped paper rockets. Cries of delight rang out with each hit, and even bigger shouts came when the rockets knocked loose some of the goodies inside.

Scary Movie Night at DIYode

On Saturday October 27th, some DIYode families got together at the shop to see animations and films with a halloween theme. There was pumpkin carving, popcorn eating, and hours of enjoyment. Thanks to Mark for arranging the event.


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