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What’s happening down at Diyode? – January 2013

10 January, 03:02, by Verdi Tags: , , ,

The Diyode community never ceases to amaze in it’s ability to push forward. Let’s take a quick look at some of the current events going down at Diyode this month:

  • New Space! – Diyode has just acquired some new square footage in it’s current building. We are now working on renovating and organizing the new space to best suit our needs and maybe we’ll get some new equipment along the way. Please, if you’re interested in the new space and have some ideas for what could be used for, come join us for our weekly Monday night meeting. 
  • Diyocracy Haiti Project – Diyode is continuing to progress on the Diyocracy project. For more information, check out http://diyocracy.com/
  • Kwartzlab Codeshield Workshop – We are currently in the works for setting up and running a Codeshield workshop at the Museum in partnership with Kwartzlab sometime in February. If you have not yet to checked the Codeshield http://diyode.com/codeshield