Artist in Residence

DIYode Artist in Residence program offers the gift of time and space allowing artists to expand their creativity.
Artists are given access to the DIYode space and tools, while DIYode will give our time to educate the artist in cutting edge technologies.

1 to 3 month residencies are available to emerging or emerged artists.


DIYode is a makerspace and community workshop located in Guelph, Ontario.
We have the tools and knowledge to help members with a wide range of prototyping and build methods. Members have access to everything from simple tools like saws and hammers to more exotic machines like our laser cutter, 3D printer and CNC routers.

What is expected of the Artist?

Artists are to provide their own working materials.
Artists are expected to provide at least two of the following during or immediately after their residency; a public lecture, workshop, display or exhibit.
During their residency artists will be required to produce a minimum of once weekly blog about what they are doing.

Benefits for the Artist

Artist will have 24 hour access to workshop.
use of all tools and equipment (some tool use may require instruction)
– wood and metal working tools.
– 3d printer
– laser engraver
– vinyl cutter
– cnc router and desktop mill.
Artist will have access to DIYode member expertise and training.

Selection Process

The DIYode board members will form the selection panel.
The selection criteria for artists will include artistic merit; use of DIYode resources as a means to further work that could not be easily achieved without it, plans for public presentation and how cool we think you could make us.
Preference will be given to those not previously affiliated with DIYode.

Applications should include

  1. Resume with list of professional works
  2. Statement of intent for residency on page in length to include:
    • Relevance to DIYode resources.
    • Specific focus for project.
    • Potential for personal growth.
  3. Sample of Artistic work
    • submit as appropriate. (ex. digital images)
  4. Preferred residency date and time period.
  5. email to

One Response to “Artist in Residence”

  1. Ed Finoro says:

    I am a bird carver in wood . I rest my pieces in wood build habita . I paint them and leave some in natural wood .
    I have used a lot of wood working equipment band saw ,planners . Routers , sanders . I taught a carving course at continuing ed . Have taken ribbons at the world show in Salisbury Maryland .
    I would like to become a member of your establishment.

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